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About Us

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How did EdgeUTech begin?

EdgeUTech is built on years of research and developed for a very personal reason. As our founder helped his daughter with her studies, he realised that STEM education was not necessarily keeping up with the modern workplace and the wider world.


“In my company, I see manual work being automated and the skills required in the workplace moving towards data analytics, coding, and problem-solving. Further research revealed there weren’t many resources available for students to learn these skills. Creativity, innovation, logical reasoning, and technical STEM skills will all prove essential in coming years – and so I was encouraged by my family to find a solution.”


“After months and years of research, I developed a comprehensive STEM program focusing on engineering and robotics. We have made sure that all our products, lessons, and programs are based on real-world applications, with an emphasis on project and problem-based learning.”


My aim is to ensure that by the time students complete their education, they should confidently be able to say, “I can solve any problem.”