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Screenless Coding for Kids


A hands-on coding robot for Kindergarten kids aged 4-9. Kids use their imagination to create infinite possibilities using coding blocks, by controlling a robot car through coding algorithms. They learn fundamental coding skills and develop necessary cognitive abilities through educational coding robots and games from a young age.

Why Matatalab Pro set for early learners?

Matatalab Pro set is designed to provide a hands-on coding robot for STEM education, without the need for screen and literacy. This best STEM product follows the kid’s cognitive development from concrete to abstract and adopt simple symbol design to let kids understand coding and computational thinking through fun yet challenging game quests.

The kit is more than an educational tool. As an educational tool, kids can learn how to handle logic and programming through playful coding elements but the Screenless Coding robot for kids also adds a deeper element of creativity through Music and Artist set, developing kids’ problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills.

The added level of creativity inspires teachers and parents to use Matatalab pro set as more than just a way to teach, but also a way to inspire kids to expand their imagination.

Learn music, art, mathematics, logical reasoning through Matatalab pro set, and make learning fun!!


Let your imagination run free

Hands-on Play

Develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration to kids through hands-on play. A more friendly way to learn fundamental coding concept at a very early age.


No connection required with any screen. Sit in a small open space, take the robot, blocks, and other material to start playing. See the robot in action to perform the task according to the instructions you provide.


Kids learn notes and beats through programming. With free combination, kids can compose their favourite music, or even create their own now!


Kids can draw beautiful graphics and pictures through programming, towards the more advanced stages of coding.

Coding made easy

Simply put the tangible coding block in the control board and start solving the problem.



Create your game challenges and learn coding while playing


Create your own music while learning coding.


Create your own drawings while learning geometry

Matatalab pro pack content

The pack contains:

  • Coding – 99 coding blocks
  • Control tower and robot
  • Challenge booklets -3 Family challenge Booklets, 3 Artist Warm-up Cards, 3 Musician Warm-up Cards, 1 Two-Sided Game ma,
  • Music pack Included
  • Artist pack Included

Matatalab – how it works?

Step 1: Turn on the control tower and robot to make a connection
Step 2: Open a map and create a challenge by putting the flags & obstacles
Step 3: Put the blocks in the control boards to define the tasks
Step 4: Press play