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Virtual Reality

Unlock the power of immersive learning

Veative VR has powered VR handsets with the content that’s changing high school education. Veative VR provides a uniquely personal experience to the users, increasing the engagement and desire to learn. Through Veative VR, concepts come to life, making education easy, fun, and engaging.

Why VR?

VR has the ability to stimulate multiple senses and place you in a totally new environment. Students can find subject boring and teachers struggle to find new ways to engage students. Research has proven that introducing Virtual Reality in education increases student engagement and participation in the class. Virtual experience allows students to interact in an environment that closely resembles real world, providing an experience that’s hard to forget. Being in a virtual experience reduce the cognitive load that high school students experience, enabling more capacity to absorb the virtual reality content they are presented.

Why Veative VR?

Veative VR is an educational content company that utilizes virtual reality as a means of delivery. We connect students with concepts, and we use the VR to achieve this. We help to bridge the gap between educational knowledge and understanding through virtual reality.


Develop real-world skills

World’s largest VR Educational content

550+ STEM modules available in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics

Curriculum Aligned

The lesson modules are curriculum aligned and each module has 3 learning parts – objectives, key concept, and assessment

Virtual tours

Visit and explore historic and world heritage sites such as The Pyramids of Giza, The Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, The colosseum, The Great Wall of China and many more!

Offline Usage

Internet restrictions shouldn’t stop your virtual reality learning. Headsets come with loaded modules that can be used in an offline environment. It’s a simple plug and play solution in high schools.


In-depth analysis of student’s performance in dealing with the content such as time spent, number of attempts to go through the questions, score in each module and much more!

Classroom Management System

Teachers can create a classroom lab and run the Veative modules simultaneously on all the students VR devices through multicast.

World’s largest VR Educational content

Veative VR comes with 550+ STEM learning modules to provide active learning to students.


  • Transcend Time and Space
  • Venture safety in a science lab
  • Learn maths in authentic settings


  • Learn Via trail and error
  • Simulate a Role: Be Scientist!
  • Explore with guided feedback


  • Encourage with in-play feedback
  • Collabaration with educator
  • Analytics, which inform teaching decisions


Physics connect us with the physical world and students can experience the application of the concepts in the real world.


Chemistry can be difficult to remember with all the chemical formulas and reaction but students do experiments, learning becomes easy.


Students can explore the subjects and their functions in detail that’s not possible in natural environment.


Mathematics can be fun when students can explore subjects in a 3D interactive object and real world situation.

Virtual Tours

Don’t let limited budgets and time constraints dictate where and what you can experience with your class. The world is within your grasp with our Virtual Tours.

Veative Virtual Tours create a sense of wonder, transporting learners to some of the worlds’ great locations where they can form an emotional bond and feel a sense of presence within those environments. Bring traditions and cultures to life and allow for a connection with art, history and architecture to strengthen, and empathetic bonds to manifest.

Technical Specification

·    Display: 2.5 K Fast-LCD HD Screen

·    Lens: Customized Fresnel lens

·    Battery: 4000mAh

·    Headphone: Audio Jack 3.5 mm

·    RAM: 6 GB

·    Storage: 128 GB

·    3Dof Bluetooth Controller

·    Comfortable, T-Shaped soft Headband

·    OS: Android 8.1

·    USB: Micro USB

·    SDCard Slot, for storage extension

·    Return and Volume Control

·    Surround Sound System

·    Heat Radiation and Protection

·    One tap touchpad on the headset


Control & Interact

2 Ways to Control and Interact with the Content. Handheld controller and touchpad on the device. Controller allows for a wider variety of interactivity (drag/drop, dissect, assemble, select, etc…). Touchpad is convenient, plus a safeguard against lost controllers (learning should never stop!)

Dashboard & Analytics

Dashboard allows teachers to set up the lab for the entire class easily. Analytics provides the reports and evaluations of students. Teachers can monitor the progress of each students and develop lesson plans accordingly.